Waiter Calling System

Have you ever been in a situation that you are ready to take your order in a restaurant but cannot find the waiter or waitress anywhere?

In simplicity, our solutions consists of 2 parts; Call Buttons for guests, beautifully crafted in tailor made colors embedded in high quality acrylic stands positioned at key guest locations, – and notification receiving equipment (waiter watch) operated by the staff. The simplistic setup allows for anyone to understand and use the products, regardless of age or prior knowledge of the products. Press a button and receive service, – it’s that simple.

Problem / Solution

Watch for waiters / Captains

Beep 6 times or discretely vibrate when a call is received

  • Wireless
  • Water resistant
  • No Wifi needed
  • No system needed
  • No training required

Table buttons for customers

Available as either a 1-button “Call” or 2-button“ Call and Cancel”

  • Get better ratings
  • Easy for customer to call waiter
  • Less waiting time
  • No shouting
  • Dedicated button for each table

Performance data dashboard

How long are people left waiting too long?

  • See all call and service on software
  • Operations management for managers
  • Data Insights
  • Process Improvement
  • Individual performance data

Our Insights

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Smart Tables

Restaurant tables with smart waiter calling system

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Button Pressed

Number of times our button pressed by customers

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Positive Reviews

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A DEMO will help you in gaining more insight about the calling system.

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